The Oldest Tried and True Sales Tactic in the Book :: the Hail Mary.

July 30, 2020 Closers Media No Comments

With football season right around the corner, I figured what better time than now to share the oldest tried and true sales tactic in the book :: the Hail Mary.

Just like football, deals have been won and lost using this technique, but in the end…sometimes it is the only way to shake an immovable prospect. The Hail Mary is often leveraged when a prospect has suddenly and unexpectedly gone completely dark (anyone know this feeling?). Often, this occurs after pricing and MSA have been shared/reviewed by all decision makers, a verbal yes has been exchanged, and now all that is left is for legal to do their final approval. In many cases, heck I’m guilty of it; high fives have already been exchanged with the team. Then a few days passed turns into a week…sometimes even more without a peep from our ready to go prospect (who we were so sure was ready to sign, you already mentally spent the commission check)!

Still nothing. You’ve called (“just following up..”), emailed (“not sure if my previous messages reached you..”), thought about showing up at their house… you’ve tried everything! Still, no communication and as we all know, time kills deals. My friends, this is when we take 3 steps back, close our eyes and throw out the Hail Mary.

When I have nothing to lose, here are a few of my favorites ::

  1. Subject :: Goodbye for now?


I’ve called, I’ve cried, and I have come to the realization you may not want me anymore.


You’ve had a situation come up that takes precedence over ________ (your project).

Either way, can you please tell me if you are moving on OR do in fact want to continue pursuing ______(project)?

I just want to make sure I’m doing everything I can to make your life easier.



  1. Subject :: Are you ok?


I’ve tried reaching you regarding where we last left off in our ____ (process). Then it snowed and I started to worry. If you are under a snowbank, PLEASE txt me your coordinates and I’ll be right there.

Otherwise, you may be uninterested in doing business with me at this time or just distracted with other priorities. Either is ok, I just need to know so I can react properly. Mind letting me know?

Thanks, your snow shovelin  (description) hero ___ (your name)


  1. Subject :: I’m sorry


I haven’t heard from you in a while after many attempts and I want to sincerely apologize if I have done anything to disappoint you or cause this project to derail.

If this is not the case, mind shooting me an update so I know what is still needed on my end to make sure I live up to my commitment to serving you? Thanks in advanced for your honest feedback.

Thank you.


Regardless of your flavor (as you will notice a wide variety above,) nothing in my career has proven more effective that the last ditch effort that is the Hail Mary. Over half the time, deals un-stall and we get back to business as if nothing ever happened. Other times the deal delays and picks back up at a later date. Either way, you know where you stand and the client appreciates your creative tenacity. Everybody has a job to do and everybody loves to laugh. So, do yourself a favor… sell like you don’t need the money, serve like today is your last and when all else fails, leverage the Hail Mary.

I hope this article was helpful, please feel free to reach out to us for any revenue growth needs you may have.

Till next time, happy selling!