True or false : : Attracting, hiring & retaining top 10% sales talent today is harder than ever?

January 8, 2020 Closers Media No Comments

Not for you right? Right…

Just to be clear, I’m not talking about your lone wolf sales person who drains the swamp and then dials it in. No, I’m talking about the type of rep that produces enough revenue to carry the quota of a few under performers quarter after quarter while motivating and lifting the attitude of your entire team. The sales performer that is the reason you are on that beach celebrating another President’s Club trip; the same one you pray stays on your team as you raise another celebratory toast with her/him.

These sales stars often create up to 90% of your team’s revenue and are invaluable to the revenue health of any organization.

They are also the ones getting called by your direct competitor(s) daily. If you have ever had the honor of working alongside or leading one of these talented individuals, then you know what a void losing such a standout can create.

As our local tech community’s trusted sales talent agency, we generally get invited into an organization when they want to : :

  1. Build a team of sales stars
  2. They have just lost one of their sales standouts.

What pains me the most when it’s the latter is that they rarely see it coming. How could this be?

With the “war on talent” upon us, losing or not being able to attract sales talent will be the difference between the companies that last and those who do not.

To avoid finding yourself in such a situation please consider the following tips when making decisions about your sales people : :

  • Don’t assume ONLY money drives them. For many, recognition, respect, and freedom are equally as important as earnings.
  • Be available when they need a hand. Remember, they are carrying your year on their back so do them a solid and remove any minutia immediately that distracts them from using their gifts.
  • If you want to see a top rep run away, put a bunch of red tape between them and their clients. Update your processes and leverage tools that automate any/all paperwork, approval delays and poor communication.
  • Get to know what makes them get out of bed every morning, including their personal goals, and genuinely do everything in your power to help them achieve these milestones.

If you do the above, not only will your top performer(s) never leave, they will follow you and be your top performer everywhere you go.

We LOVE building award winning sales teams; please consider BeBG for your next build.

Till then, happy selling!