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If you are like other high-growth organizations, you’ve likely already tried all the classic dead-ends in pursuit of sales acceleration : : dated classroom training, hiring a new creative agency, or an expensive VP level Consultant to “shake things up” only to find yourself in the same spot, just deeper in the red.

Our clients come to us because they have spent enough on classroom theory, creative fluff & ivory tower advisement.


The only way revenue hits your bank account is from a sale. Likes, impressions, consultative theory & lead gen all help…but they are not responsible to close the deal, YOU ARE. This is why we created a Pipeline Development system that focuses on learning by doing.

Heres how it works : : Together we bridge the gaps in your current sales process, implement our proven playbook, and teach it by working active sales cycles with you. The result is a priceless education paid by your deals getting closed.

Closers Media offers sales acceleration services that help high-growth CEOs close deals faster through our customized hands-on sales coaching.



What makes Closers offering unique is that every sales coach we pair you with is a top performer, currently selling in today’s market.
Our coaches know how to win business over Zoom or in person, how to follow-up across messaging channels, how to use technology to enhance the buyer experience without mass automation, and how to ask for the business today. They know how to sell in 2020 vs. reference a book they wrote in 2010 and they excel at teaching you how, by running deals by your side.

// Our Experts

Leverage and learn our results-driven, pipeline development, go-to-market sales plans, customized for you to engage prospects that need your offering now.

// Your Results

Bring in revenue next to top sales performance coaches who help you close new business via working live deal cycles while you learn pipeline development and the art of the close.

// The Celebration

We LOVE to celebrate our clients’ wins alongside them.  Our shows and events offer many opportunities for you to celebrate your success with fellow Closers.



The Closers Team helped hone our pitch to key stakeholders, giving us the confidence and content to win 50% more deals, including our largest contract in company history. They worked with us side-by-side to teach us how to write compelling email campaign copy, and coached our sales reps on how to level-up our pipeline management. Thank you Closers Team for all the work you do to make the people around you feel and act like champions.

Matt Hardy
[ CEO, Kidblog ]

The Closers Team of experts has helped my business, Ennobble, have our best year to date, and Q4 hasn't even begun.  We have tripled our business this year thanks to their unmatched expertise in helping us leverage our strengths to naturally close new business with confidence.  If revenue growth is a top priority this year, this is your next call.

Kate DiLeo
[ CEO, Ennobble ]

The sales coaches at Closers Media dove deep into the tactical decisions I needed to make to get REAL results for my top line. I mean the real stuff, actual word for word phrases that helped me close deals and get contracts signed. If you're on the fence, consider this the final nudge... 10/10 would recommend!

Dick Polipnick
[ Chief Growth Officer, Online Growth Systems ]


The Closers team was able to provide invaluable tips, pointers and critiques from their wealth of experience and established good practices. They drew my pitch out of me, made it easy to remember, natural to deliver, and turned around all my future presentations.

This team shines in their ability to ascertain the relevant core values and help activate and enhance what's already there. These guys sell.

Muhammad Abdurrahman
[ Ph.D., Co-Founder/CTO - Clutch Inc. ]


Closers Media was designed to be a dependable resource for all who sell: founders, those new to sales, and those who just want to strengthen their skills.  Whether you are looking to fill your pipeline with the right opportunities, close deals faster or learn repeatable tactics you can apply to your sales efforts today, you will find it all here.

Our doors are always open and opportunity is knocking.  Get to know us by clicking on the links below.

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